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The Return of AudioVoid Recordings

AudioVoid Recordings was a vinyl record label formed in 2001 by Sean Cooper aka Dr Strange (Dublin, Ireland), Bartosz Poljancewicz aka Moleculez (Hamburg, Gemany), Robert Friese aka Slavefriese (Kiel, Germany) and Frank Borjak aka X-Core (Sweden). All four of them originated from the tracker scene and started a internal mail group in which they made their first producing experiences.

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PCP – We Are Frankfurt | Classic Review

We are back with a new edition of our classic record review, like always brought to you by Dark-T.

The year is 1994 and in the heart of Europe a infamous group was on its peak with a sound that was dark, melancholic, powerfull, sometimes agressive but nonetheless uplifing and surely had that certain street credibillity. Their homebase was Frankfurt and till today they are known as PCP!
But Planet Core Productions was also the mothership label to several sublabels with which they released almost any kind of electronic music, mostly produced by themselfs but also by befriended artists, well known artists from the Frankfurt area and artists who still were at the beginning and who should become popular later.
Back then Planet Core Productions released a series of compilations named Frankfurt Trax. To this point  the releases were published on CD and double 12″ vinyl but for whatever reason the fifth volume received, besides the CD release, a single 12″ 6-track EP only and also wasn’t called Frankfurt Trax but PCP – We Are Frankfurt.

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Meet Miro Pajic and Oliver Chesler – Owners of MSDMNR/Kotzaak Unltd. and Things To Come Records

The Horrorist, Miro Pajic and Dark-T

I have been to Berlin for a DJ gig in the end of August and as a representative of Eternal Entertainment I took this opportunity to meet with two absolute heavyweights of gloomy Techno and Hardcore music for an interview. As both Miro and Oliver are quite industrious artists, it took quite some time, a whole lot of online communication, schedule crosschecking and phone calls to find a proper time and place. But finally we met at a flea market on the Boxhagener Platz in Berlin Friedrichshain, found ourselfs a nice pub, ordered us something to drink and had a chat about everything and anything.

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Welcome BadCarma!

Ein weiterer musikalischer Künstler tritt unserem Kollektiv bei! Er ist bereits seit einigen Jahren ein kreativer Produzent von experimentellen und harten Klängen und seit kurzem Mitglied von Darius G.’s “FFM Shadow Orchestra” Projekt. Da ist es natürlich eine logische Konsequenz diesem jungen Produzenten einen Platz in unseren Reihen anzubieten. Deshalb sagen wir: Herzlich willkommen bei Eternal Entertainment, Bad Carma!
Ach so, seine Biografie könnt Ihr natürlich hier nachlesen.

Another musical artist joins our collective! He already is a creative producer of experimental and hard sounds since a few years now and recently has become a member of Darius G.’s FFM Shadow Orchestra project.  For that it’s a logical consequence to offer this young producer a place in our ranks. That’s why we say, Welcome to Eternal Entertainment Bad Carma!
Oh, right, you of course can read up his biogaphy here.

Old Worlds by Syrius 23 on TTT 2.0 out now!


Syrius 23 released  two brand new FFM Hardcore tracks on the digital label “The Time Traveller”.

The tracks were originally intended to be part of the forthcoming “MenschMaschine” album by FFM Shadow Orchestra but have now been chosen to be featured online as TTT-1 “Old Worlds”.

Make sure to also check out all the labels releases on Bandcamp.