Mental Fear Productions


Producing electronic music since the mid 90‘s, Mental Fear Productions are also known as the producers The Emperator & Chromatic.

With the beginning of the new millenium the two of them started a musical partnership releasing a track on Marc Acardipane‘s Resident E CD compilation. This led to the creation of several international releases as "The Emperator & Chromatic" on labels such as the UK Rave collective Crossbones & Phuture Rave Recordings, Lenny Dee‘s Industrial Strength Records and many others.

At around the same time they mashed up the Hardtechno scene with cutting edge productions on DJ Amok‘s labels Crowbar & Artillery and DJ Promo‘s Men In Motion. Their high quality productions cover a wide range of styles from Dark Industrial Hardcore via Doomcore to Hardtechno.

With the beginning of their “Nine Circles” Series around 2015 the duo decided to put their personal alter egos to rest and continue together as Mental Fear Productions only.


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Y Titel Format Label Country
2023 Mental Fear Productions - Remastered Classics 2007-​2011 (coming soon) Digital Mental Fear Productions GER
The Bardo EP, HFR15 (coming soon) Vinyl, 12" Hellfire Records UK
Praise The Mutilated World EP Vinyl, 12", Digital New Flesh Records/Flesh Or Die FR
2020 Rave Encounter Vol 2 Vinyl, 2x10" Rave or Die FR
2020 Zusammenkunft II Digital Kallkällan SWE
2020 Mental Fear Productions - Remastered Classics 2002​-​2006 Digital Mental Fear Productions GER
2019 Starving Insect - Charnel Winds That Brush The Pallid Stars Digital Haunted BE
Nine Circles - Part III Digital Mental Fear Productions GER
2018 Nine Circles - Part II, HFR12 Vinyl, 12" Hellfire Records UK
2017 Dr. Macabre - 123 Fuck you Vinyl, 12" Hellfire Records UK
Wo das helle blasse erstrahlt ist die Dunkelheit um so tiefer CD Kallkällan SWE
2015 Nine Circles - Part I Digital Mental Fear Productions GER
2014 Flux Digital Mental Fear Productions GER
2011 Industrial Trauma: Album Digital Industrial Strength Records US
Qore 3.0 - Q-Dance 2xCD Cloud 9 Dance NL
2010 Lost & Found Digital Hardplastic Files GER
2008 Lenny Dee - IFS5 Cold Fusion 2xCD Industrial Strength Records US
Reign Of Machines EP Vinyl, 12" Artillery GER
2007 Forget The Past Vinyl, 12" Crossbones UK
Sound Bites Volume 2 Vinyl, 12" Industrial Strength Records US
2006 Linda Pearl & O.B.I. - Schranz Total 15.0 2xCD Toptrax Recordings GER
Jeff Amadeus - 3 Decks Hardtechno Mix CD Trylobeat FRA
DJ Kristof, Hardcore Emotions 3, Broadcasting Your Subconsciousness 2xCD Digidance NL
2005 Pressed Works Digital Nordcore Records GER
Operation Nordcore Part V, The Point Of No Return CD Nordcore Records GER
Rude Awakening, r_AW Essential .03 CD The Third Movement NL
Boris S. & Sven Wittekind, Schranz Total 11.0 2xCD Toptrax Recordings GER
Voodoo EP Vinyl, 12" Crowbar Recordings GER
2004 Contaminated EP Vinyl, 12" Phuture Rave Recordings UK
DJ Nitric, EpileptikMix11, The Silver Ghost CD Epileptik Productions FRA
The Nordcore, EpileptikMix8, The Hardcore Home CD Epileptik Productions FRA
Dregh R.I.P Vinyl, 12" Epileptik Productions FRA
Hellraiser 2004 2xCD Megarave Records NL
Demolition Part 4 2xCD The Third Movement NL
xT Vinyl, 12" Men In Motion NL
2003 Operation Nordcore Part IV, The Show Must Go On CD Nordcore Records DE
Fusion EP Vinyl, 12" Rave Frontier UK
Hellraiser, Protect Your Soul 2xCD Megarave Records NL
2002 Operation Nordcore Part III, Planet Nordcore CD Nordcore Records DE
Lost Souls EP Vinyl, 12" Crossbones UK
Resident E, Episode 6 2xCD Acardipane Records DE
'95-'02 Strike Records, WAR, Hartplastik Records, Terrordrome, S-G-C Records,

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