Darius G.


Darius was born with rhythm in his blood. The early death of his father, a professional contrabass player, drove him to become a musician himself and to autodidactically create his own acoustic world, often using self-constructed musical instruments.

Shortly before his escape from the communist regime in Poland in the year 1980, he came into contact with electronic music for the first time when he heard the album "Equinoxe" by Jean-Michel Jarre at a friend’s house. In the early 1980s Darius came to Frankfurt, where he bought his first equipment, including the Korg MS10.

During his work as a bartender in various clubs in Frankfurt, he met Marc Trauner and Thorsten Lambart. The joint musical experiments of the three later formed the basis for the foundation of Planet Core Productions. Initially acting in the background, Darius - together with Bosko Jovanovic (DJ U-Man) and Oto Kurao - founded the FFM Shadow Orchestra in 1994, with the legendary first release "Comprehension of Sweet Sound" on the Super Special Corp. label. With this, Darius’pseudonym Syrius23 came to life with his experimental, ambient-doomy sound.

Further publications followed under the sub-label “Interzone”. With the third release, he first used his pseudonym Darius G. which stands for classic hardcore. Until 2019, Darius was musically active using these and other pseudonyms, each of which have different stylistic characteristics.



Y Artist Titel Format Label Country
2019 FFM Shadow Orchestra Menschmaschine Digital TTT 2.0 #-14 DE
2018 Darius G. Awakening in FFM Digital Dark Descent NL
Darius G. Emerald Planet (Darius G. Cosmic Remix) Digital Doomcore Records DE
Darius G. & Eric Blade Public Enemies E.P Digital SGC Records, SGC004 DE
Syrius 23 Old Worlds Digital TTT 2.0, TTT- / -1 DE
2016 Syrius 23 I play god [Remix] Various Hellfire Records, HFR009 UK
** FFM Shadow Orchestra Ütopya Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-19 GER
FFM Shadow Orchestra Wasted Illusions. Music For The Geiger Counter Generation 2x Vinyl, 12" EP Hellfire Records, HFR008 UK
2013 FFM Shadow Orchestra Comprehension Of Sweet Sounds Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-14 NL
* Robotiker (R)evolution LP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-13 NL
* Anarkoikz Death EP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-11 GER
* Radius The Blue Room LP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-10 NL
* Syndrom Humanoid Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-08 NL
* Necronomicon Behind The Mask LP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-07 NL
* White Rabbit/td> Fool Me Twice Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-05 NL
* Syrius 23 vs. Darius G. The Machinery EP/LP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-04 NL
* Chernobyl Strahlkraft LP Digital The Time Traveller, TTT-02 NL
* FFM Shadow Orchestra Radio Inferno + The Best Of Digital, CD The Time Traveller, TTT-01 NL
2001 FFM Shadow Orchestra Radio Inferno [Fragmente] CD Super Special Corp., SSCD 1 GER
Syrius 23 Dark Age Survivor Vinyl, 12" Super Special Corp., SS23 GER
Darius G. Trash EP Vinyl, 12" Interzone, ZONE005 GER
1999 Darius G. Addicted & Insane Vinyl, 12" Interzone, ZONE004 GER
1998 Darius G. Starfucker EP Vinyl, 12" Interzone, ZONE003 GER
1996 69 Juice System-Of-Love Vinyl, 12" Transform, TF105 GER
Terrorists Paranoia 2x Vinyl, 12" Super Special Corp., SS20 GER
FFM Shadow Orchestra French Connection [Remix] Vinyl, 12" Super Special Corp., SS19 GER
1995 Shakira Frankfurt Trax Volume 6 - Return To Zero Various Dance Ecstasy 2001 GER
FFM Shadow Orchestra Killing Zoo Vinyl, 12" Interzone, ZONE002 GER
FFM Shadow Orchestra D.N. Acid Vinyl, 12" Interzone, ZONE001 GER
FFM Shadow Orchestra Comprehension Of Sweet Sounds Vinyl, 12" Super Special Corp., SS16 GER
1994 Darius G. Unfinished Finish Digital Interzone, CDR001 GER
* Written & produced 1997 - 2003
** Written, composed & produced by Syrius 23 & DJ U-Man in 1996

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