Already since earliest childhood a lover of rhythmic music, the final starting point for Dark-T was in 1993. Fascinated by the Techno scene, which was developing to it’s first height right at this time, he began to be interested in the DJ's activity and worked tirelessly on his skills until he had his first official dj performance at the Love Parade weekend in the Bunker in Berlin in 1996.

First at the side of Bass Phase and from 2001 together with S-G-C he continued to work out his passionate style, which he presents till today: Dark, Industrial Core & Techno Sound.

Today, independently but united with the other members of "Eternal Entertainment", he is spreading his love for gloomy sounds to make the dancefloors of the world tremble.


Please contact booking@eternal-entertainment.com

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Date Titel Description Style Duration
06/2019 Tyrone Perry - Cyberlove Techno Mix 26.06.2019 Powerful melodic Techno mix. No doctorin' or effects, 100% pure sound! Feel the energy and let yourself go! #Industrial Techno 2:05:20
05/2019 Dark-T @From The Deep 3 Podcast, Hardscound Radio 25.05.2019 Industrial Hardcore mix recorded for the latest From The Deep online radio show on Hardsoundradio. hardsound.net #Industrial Hardcore 1:46:43
12/2018 Tyrone Perry - Melancholia Techno Mix 31.12.2018 Melodic melancholic Industrial Techno mix. No doctorin' or effects, 100% pure sound! Dive into your emotions, embrace your feelings and let yourself go! #Industrial Techno 1:52:48
04/2018 Dark-T @ Homezone pres. 5 Jahre Back to Oldschool 1.0 Recording of my 100% Vinyl Millenium Hardcore set at the Back To Oldschool 5 Years night from the Homezone live show @ Radio Corax in Halle (Saale). #Millenium Hardcore 1:54:28
10/2017 Dark-T - Till Doom Do Us Dance Mix Midtempo Doomcore mix ranging between 130 & 140 BPM and recorded with that specical Halloween feel. #Doomcore 2:01:47
08/2017 Dark-T@Meuterei auf dem Boltsplatz Special FFM Millenium Mix reconstructed from 100% vinyl DJ Set at Meuterei auf dem Boltsplatz in Club Herr Walther, Dortmund. #FFM Hardcore 1:43:29
07/2017 Dark-T @ Dawn of Decay XI Cryptcast Doomcore / Industrial Hardcore / Darkcore mix recorded for Dawn of Decay Part XI online radio show on Cryptcasts. #Doomcore, Industrial Hardcore 1:50:14
07/2017 Dark-T @ Space Parade Berlin Uptempo Industrial Hardcore Set played on the Hardcore truck at Space Parade Berlin 2017. The first hour played regulary as planned but the last 30 minutes spontaniously as substitutuion for a missing follow up DJ. #Industrial Hardcore 1:35:20
02/2017 Dark-T @ EHCTV Pandoras Box Institut fuer Zukunft Leipzig Live recording from the Doomcore/ Darkcore 100% Vinyl DJ set played on the Pandoras Box event at the Institut fuer Zukunft club in Leipzig. #Doomcore, Industrial Hardcore 1:35:20
02/2017 Dark-T @ Return of the Hardcore 6 Void Club Berlin Live recording from 100% vinyl DJ Set played at Hardcore Classics Oldschool Oldschool Rave party. Sound ranges from '92 to '94 Classic Gabber. #Gabber, Hardcore Classics 1:53:31
01/2017 Tyrone Perry - See You In... 1991 - NYE 2016-2017 Mix Oldschool style Retro Techno mix with that special 1991 warehouse feel. No doctorin' or effects just 100% pure sound mixing! #Retro Techno, Oldschool 1:32:31

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