MΣSCALINED's interest for electronic sounds started in the Mid-80s, always curious about how to create such powerful electronic sounds only with machines.
In the early 90’s he started creating electronic music from scratch. After a while the duo Cyberstate was born and at their first live performance in 1995 they met the artist and promotor Bass Phase who should have a big influence for the future of Cyberstate.
In the beginning of the millennium, Cyberstate split in good releations and so MΣSCALINED continued solo as Cyberstate. After some time Cyberstate and Bass Phase created a live performance concept called Vibration Core which could be described as an electronic punk band. Members included a female singer, a guitarist and the 2 producers Bass Phase and Mescalined who were responsible for the fierce beats and hard sounds.
Around 2010, with the whole experience of 2 decades, Cyberstate again went on solo and now officially renamed himself to MΣSCALINED.


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Y Titel Format Label Country
2017 Stigmata EP Digital SCG Records GER
2005 Stigmata CD Nordcore Records GER

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