As a teenager, Gabriel began to make music in a punk band as a guitarist and bassist. At the beginning of 2002 he started his first attempts as a DJ and a short time later met Kevin Vega and Dark-T. At about the same time, he recorded a CD with his punk band in the studio of Bass Phase and realized quickly that his heart was beating for the production of electronic music rather than spinning records.

Shortly thereafter, the Hard Techno live Act and crew "A_T_V" was launched. While also organizing parties together with the guys from S-G-C in 2005, Gabriel developed his passion for Hardcoretechno music. As a result, Gabriel became active as a producer under his pseudonym "BadCarma". From 2006, Gabriel played guitar in the gabberpunk band “Vibrationcore”, where Cyberstate and Bass Phase were programming the beats alongside a female MC.

At the beginning of 2016, BadCarma met Darius G. It soon became clear to both of them that their common love for experimental sounds would lead to joint productions. Since then, Gabriel is a member of the FFM Shadow Orchestra. Parallel to his activities in the Hardcore area, Gabriel lives out his interest in Electropunk-influenced Hip Hop beats in the "353 Karma Crew".


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